Pull-N-Pak® kvalitetsplastposer – Packaging – of fruit / vegetables / bulk goods: The picture shows the dispenser turned right at the forefront of the shelf.

Kjedeservice AS is marketing a new high-quality plastic packaging Pull-N-Pak ® for fruit / vegetables / bulk on the Scandinavian market. Fruit bags are of top quality, and used among others. several leading European and American chains that prioritize quality. In Norway, Pull-N-Pak ® by Coop Norway (Note, Mega,Price), Save Central Norway, parts of the Rema, several MAXI, Smart Club, Jacobs, More Menu Bunnpris chain stores and to name a few. Feedback from our customers is very positive.

Benefits bags:

  • Fresh survey of American 2 independent market exploration companies, show increased fruit sales using Pull-N-Pak ®
  • Measurements show up 20% less wastage of Pull-N-Pak ® fruit bags
  • The customer takes only a bag on a time
  • Easy to use dispenser – using only one hand to free 1 raises.
  • The customer will not have to look for bags in the moment of purchase – always ready for the customer
  • Easy to open – can be opened with one hand. The customer will not have to lick my fingers (uhygienisk) to open the bag.
  • More neat division
  • Employees spend less time refilling bags
  • Always enough bags before holidays and weekends
  • The employee looks at a glance that there are enough bags for all racks
  • Better overall impression for customers – satisfied customers
  • Poser is not “float” on floors and in green drive
  • The bag can withstand being filled, until 6 kg – strong welding in the bottom
  • Posene is ideal for quick-freezing
  • Environmentally friendly / recyclable (we are a member of Green Point)
  • Can the large quantities applied to shop logo

Pull-N-Pak Vangestativ

Pull-N-Pak ® kvalitetsplastposer – Packaging – of fruit / vegetables / bulk goods:
Vang stand for Pull-N-Pak ® has a small bracket at the bottom of the rack that attaches to the fruit and vegetable disk – either inside, or surface – with 2 or 4 small screws. The rack can be rotated 360 degrees and can therefore be turned in the direction desired so that the customer when the wool bags in a convenient and straightforward way.

Table stand

Pull-N-Pak ® Stand. The rack can be used in all types of fruit disks – it may be adjusted in the current angles, also flat table. A major advantage of the stand is that it does not “build” the fruit crates – it is made of flat iron plate in the bottom bound of fruit crates so that it is stable in the disk.

Wall mount

Pull-N-Pak ® kvalitetsplastposer – Packaging – of fruit / vegetables / bulk goods:
Veggdispenseren to Pull-N-Pak ® can be screwed to any surface, both from the side and from behind. It is therefore very useful and used often in the forefront of green and fruit shelves, Stands in well, on bakereoler etc.

Floor stand

Pull-N-Pak ® kvalitetsplastposer – Packaging – of fruit / vegetables / bulk goods:
Floor stand for Pull-N-Pak ® is 1,40 m high. The stand is also used where there is fruit drives in steel frame. It is placed so that it stands between the disks, which are often 1,20 m wide.

Bakevarereol Coop Mega

Posedispenseren for Pull-N-Pak ® is screwed inside the rack. Mounted on top of the drawer that pulled out when the roll shall be placed in.

Steel Disk Ebeco AS

Pull-N-Pak ® in the integrated rack solution from Ebeco AS.