Hippo Sak

Hippo Sak win customer confidence

Reinforced bottom (Hippo Strip™), Hippo Sak ™ will not be torn apart, flat, or get a hole in the bottom. You only need a bag. Hippo Sak ™ provides customers with security in the packing of goods. Reduces environmental issues


Air test:

A. Hippo Strip ™ eliminates the weak point. B. Other types will get a hole in the bottom due to weak points of welding.

Load test:

Hippo Strip ™ with 7 kg potatoes Toasted 15 Times .

Strength test:

Hippo Sak ™ can keep 26 paragraph. 0,45 kg. boxer.

Water test:

Hippo Sak ™ keeps 6 gallons (22,71 ltr) with water.