Why pay more for the same ….?
Bagables ™ High Density Posene costs about 1/2 cent per bag against conventional freezer bags and 1/3 of the cost of so-called “slide lock bags.

You will appreciate Bagables ™ …
… Because they can be used for many purposes. You will find many uses for your kitchen, nursery for babies, the bathroom, in the garage, more.

Large capacity
Holds approximately 11 liters – are larger than regular bags. Fits everything from a great bread for a pair of shoes!

Fast and convenient access to bags – released with 1 hand and you will only 1 bag at a time, whenever. The next bag is always ready!

60 ask (in refills purchased directly from Chain Services AS)! Use to store or dispose of items – at a fraction of the price of other brands. Strong bags.

Saves space, organize the drawer or cabinet. Dispenser attaches on easily in kitchen drawer.

Thick bags are not always better to protect the food!
Unlike conventional freezer and storage bags, Use “High-Density” plastic bags Bagables! Bags do not have to be thick to protect the food in the freezer or refrigerator.

High-Density bags have a closer “weaving” than conventional freezer and storage bags. This makes these bags easier while they are still strong enough to freezing without loss of moisture and also well protected from odor transfer.

Because bagables ™ is lightweight and flexible, they shape themselves more easily to the shape of the food is better than conventional freezing and storage bags as it is easier to squeeze out the air in the bag. (and air is not good for the quality of frozen food).