We present a list of some of our partners.

  • On the Pull-N-Pak, plastic bags for loose fruit and vegetables produced in the United States by Crown Poly,, we have the following customers / partners:
  • Crown Poly
    Manufactured in the USA by Pull-N-Pak fruit bags and shopping bags Hippo Bag
  • Customers in Europe and the U.S.:
    *Wal* Mart Stores Inc. (U.S.) *Eagle Food Center (U.S.) *Fred Meyer (U.S.) *Cenuardi Family Markets (U.S.) *Giant Food Stores/Edwards *Super Food Stores (U.S.) *Marsh Supermarkets(U.S.) *Ray’s Food Place (U.S.) *Karstadt (Germany) *Marktkauf (Germany) *Albert Heijn(Holland) *Ahold Franchise (Holland) *Geant Frankrike *Carrefour Frankrike *Leclerc Frankrike
  • Customers in Norway: Coop Norway, Coop NOTE,Coop Extra, Coop Mega, Coop Prix, Coop Market
  • ICA Maxi
  • Norway group: Bunnpriskjeden, some Menu and Save stores, Jacobs, CC Mat AS
  • Rema: Rema 1000 shops
  • Smart Club
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We are happy to deliver their shop equipment and bags so you can get tested Pull-N-Pak this without cost to the store, contact